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Student Licences - It is the responsibility of students (or the parent/guardian of a child under the age of 18) to ensure licences are in-date and valid. Please ensure your licence is renewed annually via Anna one month prior to the expiry date.

Annual fees:
25 - individual student renewal
50 - family renewal
Tae Kwon-Do is a semi-contact sport and we all need to wear protective gear when sparring. This is for your own safety and that of your fellow-students. See Anna or Richard if you have not yet bought yours.


T-Sport Dipped Foam Kick - Black

Made with a double overlay foam, which provides additional safety for the feet. This stylish laceless boot has reinforced vinyl on the sole for traction, comfort and shape retention. It fastens with a figure of eight coloured velcro strap. Ventilation holes around the boot.

Sizes: small, medium, large.


Specify small, med, large

T-Sport Professional PU Chop - Black

Complete covering over finger and thumb offers great hand technique protection for yourself and your opponent. Secured with a wide coloured velcro strap.


Specify small, med, large.

T-Sport Nylon Kick/Punch Bag - Black

Black. Heavy Duty Nylon with a double layered PVC backing. Four Nylon Straps with triangular hooks. Zip closing top. Machine filled. 12" diameter.


Mesh Bag

'String' bag: this is very useful, holds a lot, and keeps your sparring equipment hygienic and fresh too!


T-Sport Round Shield - Red/Black

Reinforced 1.2mm leather grain vinyl with CN1000 backing. Three nylon back handles. Filled with air cushion aero foam padding.



Sutton TKD doboks are available. See Anna or Richard to order yours now .

 Junior Dobok 35

Adult Dobok 39

T-Sport Dipped Foam Head Guard

Black. Made with a double overlay foam, which provides additional safety for the back of the head, ears and the top. Ventilation holes around the headguard. A comfortable fit all round the head with an elastic coloured strap with velcro fastening

Sizes: small, medium, large.


Specify small, med, large.


T-Sport Dipped Foam Shin Guard - Black

Designed to cushion painful blows to the shin bone. Contoured to fit naturally, with coloured velcro straps to keep the guard in place. Ventilation holes around the shin guard.


T-Sport PU Groin Guard - Mens - White

An added margin of safety to your groin. Hard plastic cup, covered with vinyl, supported by a wide elasticated belt.



T-Sport Ladies Groin Guard - White

With reinforced removable plastic cup, covered with padding, supported by an elastic belt. Very comfortable.


T-Sport Extra Large Straight Shield - Red/Black

Reinforced vinyl cover with a dense foam filling. Three back handles - two adjustable - allows you to hold with both hands or one arm.



T-Sport Single Gumshield with Case

Multi-fit with carrying case. Colours Natural, Black or Red