Suttontkd Black Belts


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These are just some of the people who have reached black belt over the years at Suttontkd.

Dedicated students have done tournaments and won medals, made many thousands of pounds for charity with demonstrations, and even learnt special techniques from film star, Scott Adkins, and famous Korean Master, Willy Lim.

Black belts are often presented at our big Christmas parties in Four Oaks to the applause of a packed hall.

Here is the belt to which everyone aspires and, if you show dedication and a positive attitude, Suttontkd is the ideal place to earn one of your very own!

What does it take to be a black belt at Suttontkd?          Courtesy: being polite and getting along with your fellow students for at least four years,            Integrity: being honest, sensible and true to yourself,              Perseverance: carrying on training and never giving up,     Self Control: working with self-discipline and good behaviour and never anger,             Indominatable Spirit: always fighting on and having the will to win.          Passing ten grading examinations over time to demonstrate your knowledge of Tae Kwon-Do skills and Korean terminology.               Suttontkd is a lifestyle that can improve your fitness and health, give you a balanced and more confident outlook on life, and do wonders for your self-respect.                                     In these pictures you see just some of the individuals who kept up the pace, were great team-players, and went on to reach their goal.         Congratulations to them for their fantastic achievement and we would love to see even more people share our passion for Tae Kwon-Do, patiently work through all the belts from white, yellow, green, blue, red and all the way to black.